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Kompleks Pastarvata

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Plovdiv Airport 1 Hr 58

Shipka (34 Min)

Svetitsa Mound (10 Min)

Shipka Memorial Church (16 Min)

Етнографски Музей На Открито 'етър' (53 Min)
Улица Със Стари Български Къщи, Демонстрации На Традиционни Занаяти И Исторически Водни Мелници.

Могила 'голяма Косматка' - Гробница На Севт Iii (13 Min)

Казанлъшка Тракийска Гробница (13 Min)

Бузулуджа & Buzludzha Monument (32 Min)

Шипченски Проход (34 Min)

Казанлъшка Гробница (13 Min)

Храм-Гробница Шушманец (14 Min)

Соколски Манастир 'успение Богоридично' (59 Min)

Monument To Freedom (34 Min)

Язовир Копринка (33 Min)

Музей На Розата (9 Min)

Bulgarian (Български)

Летище Пловдив 1 Ч 58

Shipka (34 Мин)
Scenic Mountain Summit Featuring Panoramic Views & A Battle Of Chipka War Monument.

Shipka Memorial Church (16 Мин)
Monastery, Temple, History, And Mountain

Shipka Pass (34 Мин)
Scenic 3,904-Ft. Pass Between Gabrovo & Kazanlak, Known For Being The Site Of 4 Historic Battles.

Ethno Village Etar (53 Мин)
Street Of Balkan Buildings With Traditional Crafts Demos, Plus Historical Water Mills.

Tomb Of Seuthes Iii (13 Мин)
Resting Place Of Seuthes Iii, Dating Back To The 5Th-Century Bc, With 3 Chambers & A Bronze Head.

Thracian Tomb (13 Мин)

Rose Museum (9 Мин)

Buzludzha (32 Мин)
Huge Saucer-Shaped Memorial Opened In 1981 & Now Derelict, With Far-Reaching Countryside Views.

Koprinka (33 Мин)
Man-Made Reservoir & Dam Offering Some Recreation Options Such As Fishing, Hiking & Picnicking.

Thracian Tomb Shushmanets (14 Мин)

Sokolski Manastir (59 Мин)
Orthodox Monastery Founded In 1833, With Acclaimed Icons In A Chapel Adorned With Vibrant Frescoes.

Тракийска Гробница Светицата (10 Мин)

Thracian Tomb Of Kazanlak (13 Мин)
This 3Rd-Century Bce Brick Thracian Tomb Features A Dome With Hellenistic-Era Frescoes.

Паметник На Свободата (34 Мин)

Phone Number



Title :
Комплекс Пъстървата




2 Ulitsa Ela, 6142 Kazanlŭk, Bulgaria


Lat: 42.6746603 Lng: 25.4121826


Kompleks Pastarvata Map - Stara Zagora - Kazanlak



Kompleks Pastarvata - Stara Zagora - Kazanlak


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