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Kansai International Airport 1 Hr 23

Kiyomizu-Dera (12 Min)
Iconic Buddhist Temple On Mount Otowa Known For The Scenic Views Afforded From Its Sizable Veranda.

Gion (11 Min)
Geisha District Featuring High-End Shops & Restaurants, A Zen Garden & Women In Colorful Kimonos.

Kyoto Tower (10 Min)
Tower With An Observation Deck Offering Binoculars & Touch-Screen Guides, Plus A Food Court.

Nishiki Market (13 Min)
400-Year-Old Iconic Market Studded With Stalls Offering All Manner Of Japanese Edibles.

Kinkaku-Ji (27 Min)
Historic, Tranquil Temple With A Gold-Leaf Facade Set Amid Landscaped Gardens & A Reflecting Pond.

Arashiyama (27 Min)
Winding, Lush Venue Showcasing A Host Of Monkeys Plus A Scenic Bamboo Forest & Water Vistas.

Toji (15 Min)
Historic Buddhist Temple With A 5-Story Wooden Pagoda & Sculptures Of Dieties From The 8Th Century.

Tofukuji Temple (9 Min)
Large Buddhist Temple Established In 1236 On Scenic Grounds With Gardens Known For Fall Foliage.

Yasaka Shrine (16 Min)
This Shinto Shrine Was Erected In 656 A.d. & Is Home To One Of The Most Famous Festivals In Japan.

Maruyama Park (13 Min)
Popular Green Space With An Outdoor Music Hall, Bronze Statues & Colorful, Seasonal Cherry Blossoms.

Rengeoin Sanjusangendo (6 Min)
This Iconic Buddhist Temple Is Known For Its 1,001 Life-Sized Wooden Statues Of The Goddess Kannon.

Kyoto Imperial Palace (18 Min)
Palace Complex & Former Imperial Family Residence Reconstructed In 1855, With Gardens & Gates.

Heian Shrine (15 Min)
Classic Shinto Shrine Complex Built In 1895, With A Giant Gate & Museums Of Modern & Municipal Art.

Nijō Castle (14 Min)
Built In 1603, This Cyprus-Wood Castle With Extensive Gardens Was A Home For The Shogun Ieyasu.

Fushimi Inari Taisha (9 Min)
Mountainside Shinto Shrine Dating From 711 A.d. Featuring A Path With Hundreds Of Traditional Gates.

Japanese (日本人)

関西国際空港 1時間 23分

金閣寺 (27 分)

東福寺 (9 分)
1236 年創建の仏教寺院。境内には紅葉で知られる美しい庭園がある。

京都御所 (18 分)
1855 年に再建された皇室関連の複合施設と旧仮皇居。庭園と門もある。

清水寺 (12 分)

嵐山 (27 分)

祇園 (11 分)

元離宮二条城 (14 分)
広大な庭園がある木造の城。1603 年に徳川家康が築城。

伏見稲荷大社 (9 分)
711 年に建立された山腹の神社。千本鳥居が有名。

平安神宮 (15 分)
巨大な門がある 1895 年創建の神社施設。近くには京都国立近代美術館、京都市美術館がある。

蓮華王院 三十三間堂 (6 分)
1,001 体の等身大の千手観音立像で知られる有名な仏教寺院。

八坂神社 (16 分)
日本有数の祭礼が行われる 656 年創建の神社。

東寺 (15 分)
8 世紀からの由緒ある仏教寺院。木造の五重塔と諸尊の像がある。

京都タワー (10 分)

錦市場 (13 分)
400 年の歴史がある有名な市場。種々雑多の日本の食材を扱う店が集まる。

円山公園 (13 分)

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Kyoto Pref.,Kyoto City Minami Ward,Higashikujo-nakagoryocho 43-2


Lat: 34.9788089 Lng: 135.761469


Kyoto Station Base Map - Kyoto Pref - Kyoto City Minami Ward


Kyoto Station Base - Kyoto Pref - Kyoto City Minami Ward

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