Linghanghui helicopter theme hotel (厦门领航会直升机主题酒店) phone number and contact number


Linghanghui Helicopter Theme Hotel

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Huli District Hotels


Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport 16 Min

Hulishan Cannon Fort (25 Min)
Sizable, Historic Fortress With Numerous Cannons, Plus History Exhibits & Sweeping Ocean Views.

Wanshi Botanical Garden (29 Min)

Shuzhuang Garden (58 Min)
Built In 1913, This Seaside Villa Features Ornate Gardens With Bridges & A Piano Museum.

Dadan Island (21 Min)

Guningtou Battle Museum (26 Min)

Gulangyu Piano Museum (58 Min)
Vintage Steinways, Gold-Plated & Self-Playing Instruments, Displayed In A Tranquil Seaside Pavilion.

Gulangyu (55 Min)
Snug Island For Pedestrians Only, Offering Beaches, Tranquil Trails & Charming Architecture.

South Putuo Temple (28 Min)
Tang Dynasty–Era Buddhist Temple In Spacious Landscaped Grounds Featuring Terraces, Pools & Pagodas.

Chinese (简体中文)

厦门市高崎国际机场 16分钟

鼓浪屿 (55分钟)

厦门科技馆培训中心 (21分钟)

胡里山炮台 (25分钟)

大膽島 (26分钟)

古寧頭戰史館 (29分钟)

南普陀寺 (28分钟)

钢琴博物馆 (58分钟)

菽庄花园 (58分钟)

Phone Number






X401 Huli District Xiamen Fujian


Lat: 24.503307 Lng: 118.198272


Linghanghui Helicopter Theme Hotel Map - Fujian - Xiamen


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