Meike meijia fashion hotel (美客美家时尚酒店) phone number and contact number


Meike Meijia Fashion Hotel

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Yueyanglou District Hotels


Yueyang Sanhe Airport 35 Min

Nanhu Square (13 Min)

慈氏塔 (14 Min)

Dongtinghu Bridge (8 Min)

Yueyang Museum (14 Min)

Yueyang Confucian Temple (11 Min)

Zhanyuemen (12 Min)

Jin'e Park (13 Min)

Yueyang Nanhu Park (South Gate) (12 Min)
Art And Park

Yueyang Tower (14 Min)
Ancient Tower Featuring A Roof With Yellow Tiles In The Shape Of A Chinese General's Helmet.

Yueyanglou Park (13 Min)

Baling Square (12 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

岳阳三荷机场 35分钟

岳阳楼 (14分钟)

南湖广场 (13分钟)

岳阳博物馆 (14分钟)

慈氏塔 (14分钟)

瞻岳门 (12分钟)

岳阳文庙 (11分钟)

岳阳楼公园 (13分钟)

巴陵广场 (12分钟)

洞庭湖大桥 (8分钟)

金鹗公园 (13分钟)

岳阳市南湖公园(南门) (12分钟)

Phone Number






332 Jianxiang Rd Yueyanglou District Yueyang Hunan


Lat: 29.3729349 Lng: 113.1317785


Meike Meijia Fashion Hotel Map - Hunan - Yueyang


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