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Changsha Huanghua International Airport 1 Hr 25

Dishui Cave (19 Min)
Cave And Nature

Mao Zhengongci (18 Min)

Shaoshan Maozedong Library (14 Min)

Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum (14 Min)

毛泽东铜像广场 (14 Min)

刘少奇故里 (31 Min)

Former Residence Of Mao Zedong (14 Min)
Birthplace Of Communist Party Leader Mao Zedong, Now A Museum With Exhibits On His Life & Times.

Shaoshan Mao Zedong's Poetry Forest Of Stone Tablets (20 Min)

Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Park (Northeast Gate) (13 Min)

Maoshi Zongci (14 Min)

Mao Zedong Square (14 Min)

滴水洞景区 (19 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

长沙黄花国际机场 1 小时 25 分钟

韶山毛泽东诗词碑林 (20分钟)

滴水洞景区 (19分钟)

毛震公祠 (18分钟)

滴水洞 (19分钟)

韶山毛泽东同志纪念馆 (14分钟)

刘少奇故里 (31分钟)

韶山毛泽东图书馆 (14分钟)

韶山冲毛泽东同志故居 (14分钟)

毛泽东铜像广场 (14分钟)

毛泽东广场 (14分钟)

毛氏宗祠 (14分钟)

韶山毛泽东纪念园 (13分钟)

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Shaohe Rd Shaoshan Xiangtan Hunan


Lat: 27.93185 Lng: 112.5388


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