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Nanjing Lukou International Airport 47 Min

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum (39 Min)
A Steep Staircase Leads To This Ornately Designed Mausoleum For One Of The Founders Of Modern China.

Memorial Hall Of The Victims In Nanjing Massacre By Japanese Invaders (18 Min)
Grim Memorial Museum With Exhibits Documenting The Horrors Of The 1937 Nanjing Massacre.

Nanjing Museum (31 Min)
Sprawling Free-Entry Museum With China Heritage & History Exhibits, An Art Gallery & Teahouse.

Zhan Garden (19 Min)
Verdant Urban Chinese Garden Was Built During The Early Ming Dynasty & Known For Its Flora & Fauna.

City Wall Of Nanjing (26 Min)
World's Longest Brick City Wall, Built In The Ming Dynasty, Stretching 15.5 Mi. With 13 Gates.

Porcelain Tower Of Nanjing (17 Min)
Tall, Modern Temple, A Replica Of The 15Th-Century Original, With Elaborate Lighting & Artifacts.

Presidential Palace (26 Min)
The President's Office Is Housed In This Historic, Baroque Building Restored After World War Ii.

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (26 Min)
This 5,171-Foot, Double-Decked Road-Rail Truss Bridge With A Pedestrian Path Was Opened In 1968.

Zifeng Tower (26 Min)
Built In 2010, This 89-Story Skyscraper Houses Stores, Eateries, A Hotel & An Observation Deck.

Gate Of China, Nanjing (17 Min)
Built In The 1300S, This Famed, Massive Stone Gate Features Complex Architecture & Intricate Design.

Xuanwu Lake (51 Min)
This Sizable, Scenic Lake In A Park Features Boat Rides & 5 Islands Connected By Arched Bridges.

Purple Mountain (39 Min)
This Iconic City Mountain Is Home To Over 200 Sites Of Historical & Cultural Importance.

Qinhuai River (21 Min)
Picturesque Waterway Offering A Popular Walking Route With Gardens, Temples, Shops & Snack Stalls.

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (29 Min)
Massive Mausoleum Built In 1405 For Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang & Featuring Many Pathways & Statues.

Jiming Temple (27 Min)
Serene Buddhist Temple With Tranquil Grounds & A Well-Known Vegetarian Restaurant.

Chinese (简体中文)

南京禄口国际机场 47分钟

玄武湖 (51分钟)
巨大的风景湖,位于公园内,可体验划船,湖中 5 座岛屿通过拱桥连接。

南京博物院 (31分钟)

南京长江大桥 (26分钟)

瞻园 (19分钟)

侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆 (18分钟)

南京总统府 (26分钟)

Qinhuai River (21分钟)

Zifeng Tower (26分钟)

鸡鸣寺 (27分钟)

南京城墙 (26分钟)
该砖砌城墙修建于明朝,设有 13 个城门,全长 15.5 英里,乃世界之最。

大报恩寺 (17分钟)

紫金山 (39分钟)
标志性的城市山峰,拥有超过 200 处具有重要历史和文化意义的景点。

中山陵 (39分钟)

明孝陵 (29分钟)
建于 1405 年的大型陵墓,是明朝皇帝朱元璋的陵寝,有许多步道和雕像。

中华门 (17分钟)

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Exit 5, YuanTong Station Jianye District Nanjing Jiangsu


Lat: 31.997837 Lng: 118.72502


Nanjing Keyne Neqta Hotel Map - Jiangsu - Nanjing


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