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Nara Kenko Land

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Kansai International Airport 1 Hr 2

平城宮跡 (24 Min.)
かつてこの地にあった、8 世紀建立の宮城を復元した建造物。

Oomiwa-Jinja (23 Min.)
Historic Shinto Shrine Dedicated To Mount Miwa With Views Of The Mountain & Fanciful Sculptures.

東大寺二月堂 (30 Min.)

Family-K Emmae Station (7 Min)

法隆寺 (18 Min.)

Nara National Museum (27 Min.)
Museum Buddhism Deer Art Exhibition And Art Museum

Y Zaki Station (7 Min)

元興寺 (26 Min.)

Kuroda Station (8 Min)

唐招提寺 (23 Min.)
仏教寺院。国宝に指定されている 8 世紀建立の金堂が有名。

長谷寺 (33 Min.)
8 世紀に建立され、のちに再建された寺院。真言宗豊山派の総本山。

Isui-En (29 Min.)
Classically Landscaped In The Japanese Style This Garden Contains Water Features & Mature Trees.

若草山 (39 Min.)
標高 1,122 フィート(342 M)の小山。枯れた芝を焼く「山焼き」と呼ばれる祭りが毎年開かれる。

Tenri Station (9 Min)

薬師寺 (22 Min.)
680 年建立の由緒ある仏教寺院。南都七大寺の一つ。

春日大社 (28 Min.)
768 年創建の神社。朱色の柱が支える本殿が有名。

興福寺 (28 Min.)

奈良公園 (25 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

関西国際空港 1時間 2分

Yakushi-Ji Temple (22 分.)
Originally Built In 680, This Buddhist Landmark Was Once One Of The Seven Great Temples In Nara.

黒田駅 (8 分)

Kasuga-Taisha (28 分.)
Bright Vermillion Columns Support The Roof Of This Shinto Shrine Originally Established In 768 A.d..

依水園 (29 分.)

結崎駅 (7 分)

Mount Wakakusa (39 分.)
1,122-Foot Tall Hill With An Annual Festival Called Yamayaki, Where Dead Grass Is Burned.

Tōshōdai-Ji (23 分.)
Buddhist Temple Complex Known For Its 8Th-Century Golden Hall, Acknowledged As A National Treasure.

Hōryū-Ji (18 分.)
Buddhist Temple With Frescoes, Statues & The World's Oldest Wooden Buildings On Its Grounds.

大和國一之宮 大神神社 (23 分.)

Gango-Ji Temple (26 分.)
Ancient Buddhist Temple In Lush Surrounds Featuring A Sloping Tiled Roof & An Ornate Pagoda.

Hasedera (33 分.)
This Rebuilt 8Th-Century Temple Serves As The Primary Temple For The Buzan Sect Of Shingon Buddhism.

Kōfuku-Ji (28 分.)
Complex Of Buddhist Temple Halls & Pagodas, Plus An On-Site Museum Showcasing National Treasures.

ファミリー公園前駅 (7 分)

Todaiji Nigatsudo (30 分.)
Hilltop Hall, Part Of Tōdai-Ji Buddhist Temple, With Sweeping Views Of Nara From Its Balcony.

Nara National Museum (27 分.)

Heijō Palace Remains (24 分.)
Reconstruction Of The 8Th-Century Imperial Palace That Once Stood On This Site.

Nara Park (25 分.)
Landscaped, Public Park With Ancient Temples & The Nara National Museum Of Art, Plus Tame Deer.

天理駅 (9 分)

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Nara Pref.,Tenri City,Kabatacho 600-1


Lat: 34.5921514 Lng: 135.796261


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Nara Kenko Land - Nara Pref. - Tenri City


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