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Ogumaya Inn

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Niigata Airport 1 Hr 40

巻機山 (33 Min)

Naspaスキーガーデン (25 Min.)

Muikamachi Bus Stop (10 Min)

湯沢高原スキー場/パノラマパーク (22 Min.)

ムイカスノーリゾート (5 Min)

八海山 (23 Min)

Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort (19 Min.)

清津峡 (31 Min)

Uonuma-Ky Ry Station (4 Min)

Gala湯沢スノーリゾート (19 Min.)

舞子スノーリゾート (15 Min.)

Sakado Castle (13 Min)
Mountaineering Castle History And Mountain

岩原スキー場 (27 Min.)

Muikamachi Hakkaisan Ski (20 Min)
Popular Narrow Resort Mountain For Skiing & Snowboarding With Steep Slopes & Moguls.

Shiozawa Station (11 Min)

Japanese (日本人)

新潟空港 1時間 40分

上越国際プレイランド (19 分.)
Water Park

Mt. Makihata (33 分)
This Remote Mountain With A Peak Elevation Of 1,967 Meters Offers Marked Hiking Trails & Views.

塩沢駅 (11 分)

六日町八海山スキー場 (20 分)

Kiyotsu Gorge (31 分)
Reached By A Tunnel Hike, This Natural Gorge With Viewpoints Is Flanked By Cliffs & Rock Formations.

Naspa Ski Garden (25 分.)
Towering Hotel Resort Offering Skiing & Summer Mountains Activities, A Pool, Spa & Dining Options.

坂戸城跡 (13 分)

Maiko Snow Resort (15 分.)
Winter Sports Resort For Skiing & Snowboarding With Rentals, Plus Hot Springs & A Hotel With Dining.

六日町(バス) (10 分)

魚沼丘陵駅 (4 分)

Muica Snow Resort (5 分)
Snow-Sports Resort For Skiing, Snowboarding & Sliding, With Rentals, A School & A Hotel With Dining.

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort (19 分.)
In Addition To Equipment Rentals & Lessons, This Snow Resort Offers A Variety Of Scenic Trails.

石打丸山スキー場 (19 分.)

Mt. Hakkai (23 分)
Holy Mountain Since Ancient Times, Accessible By Trail Or Tramway, With Rural Vistas From The Top.

Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort (22 分.)
Winter Sports Resort With Aerial Ski Lifts, Restaurants, Hot Springs & Children's Play Areas.

三国街道 塩沢宿 牧之通り (10 分.)

Iwappara Ski Resort (27 分.)

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一押しポイント 越後南魚沼市温泉 四季の宿 サンバレー ひぐち
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サンバレーひぐち, 南魚沼市温泉, 新潟, 魚沼




Niigata Pref.,Minamiuonuma City,Yokawa 1784-6


Lat: 37.0781729 Lng: 138.8698594


Ogumaya Inn Map - Niigata Pref - Minamiuonuma City

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