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Rongcheng Commercial Hotel

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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 1 Hr 11

Jinji Lake (57 Min)
Shallow, Freshwater Lake With Artificial Islands, A Waterfront Promenade & Skyline Views.

Classical Gardens Of Suzhou (19 Min)
Built Over 1000 Years, From The 11Th-19Th Centuries, These Gardens Define The Chinese Style.

Suzhou Museum (18 Min)
Museum Designed By I. M. Pei Housing Chinese Artifacts, Including Calligraphy & Ancient Craftwares.

Suzhou Silk Museum (18 Min)
Exhibits On The Technology & Cultural History Of Suzhou Silk Production & Trade Via The Silk Road.

Lion Grove Garden (19 Min)
Modest Chinese Garden With Extensive Stone Arrangements, A Water Feature & An Elaborate Pavilion.

Humble Administrator's Garden (19 Min)
Suzhou's Largest Classical Garden, Dating To The Ming Emperor Zhengde & Split Into 3 Distinct Areas.

Tiger Hill Pagoda (14 Min)
Leaning 7-Story Hilltop Pagoda, Originally Forming Part Of A Temple Built During The 10Th Century.

The Lingering Garden (13 Min)

Canglang Pavilion (15 Min)
A Traditional Suzhou Garden Having Origins In The 11Th Century, With Buildings From Later Periods.

Pan Gate (18 Min)
Canal, Historic Site, History, And Lake

Couple's Retreat Garden (21 Min)
Famous Classical Chinese Garden From The 19Th Century With A Grotto & A Library Annex.

Master Of The Nets Garden (16 Min)
Classical 12Th-Century Garden Of Pavilions Built Around Water, With Seasonal Evening Performances.

Lingering Garden (12 Min)
Classical 16Th Century Chinese Mountain & Water Garden & Unesco World Heritage Site.

Hanshan Temple Buddhist Library (14 Min)
Temple, Buddhism, History, Historic Site, And Lake

Chinese (简体中文)

上海虹桥国际机场 1 小时 11 分钟

留园 (13分钟)

苏州古典园林 (19分钟)
这些园林建造于 11 到 19 世纪,横跨千年,是中国园林的典范。

拙政园 (19分钟)
苏州最大的古典园林,可追溯到明朝正德年间,并分为 3 个各具特色的区域。

云岩寺塔 (14分钟)

沧浪亭 (15分钟)

留园 (12分钟)
建于 16 世纪的中国古典山水园林,被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产。

苏州丝绸博物馆 (18分钟)

盘门 (18分钟)

狮子林 (19分钟)

寒山寺佛教图书馆 (14分钟)

金鸡湖 (57分钟)

网师园 (16分钟)
12 世纪古典园林,有绕水而建的亭阁和季节性的晚间表演。

耦园 (21分钟)

苏州博物馆 (18分钟)

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Shuanghong Rd Gusu District Suzhou Jiangsu


Lat: 31.290956 Lng: 120.59028


Rongcheng Commercial Hotel Map - Jiangsu - Suzhou


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