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Taiyuan Wusu International Airport 29 Min

Mengshan Giant Buddha (33 Min)
Buddhism, Archaeological Site, And History

Chongshan Temple (13 Min)
Temple And Buddhism

Taiyuan Jinshang Museum (15 Min)

Di Renjie Ancestral Temple (8 Min)

中国煤炭博物馆 (8 Min)

Pingyao City Wall (25 Min)

Shanxi Museum (19 Min)
Museum And Art

Yingze Lake (7 Min)

Yingze Park (7 Min)

Fen River Park (18 Min)

Jinci (34 Min)
The Area's Most Prominent, This Ancient Temple Complex Includes A 3,000-Year-Old Cypress Tree.

Twin Pagoda Temple (12 Min)
Architecture, Historic Site, And History

Taiyuan Fenhe Scenic Area (17 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

太原武宿国际机场 29分钟

蒙山大佛 (33分钟)

迎泽公园 (7分钟)

中国煤炭博物馆 (8分钟)

太原晋商博物馆 (15分钟)

崇善寺 (13分钟)

迎泽湖 (7分钟)

汾河公园 (18分钟)

平遥城墙 (25分钟)

太原汾河景区 (17分钟)

狄公祠 (8分钟)

山西博物院 (19分钟)

永祚寺 (12分钟)

晋祠 (34分钟)

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(金广大厦附近) Tiyu West Rd Yingze District Taiyuan Shanxi


Lat: 37.844696 Lng: 112.564445


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