Takamine Kogen Hotel (西川ペンション星の宿) Phone Number And Contact Number | Tomi City,Japan - Hotelcontact.net

Takamine kogen hotel (西川ペンション星の宿) phone number and contact number

Takamine Kogen Hotel

Takamine Kogen Hotel

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Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport 1 Hr 41

Onioshidashi Volcanic Park (44 Min)

Yunomaru Ski Area (12 Min)
Winter Sports Resort With A Hotel Featuring Western-Style Rooms & Japanese Rooms With Tatami Mats.

Kazawa Hot Spring (16 Min)
Skiing Mountaineering Nature Winter Sports And Camping

Yunomaruyama (8 Min)
Mountaineering And Mountain

白糸の滝 (54 Min)

Harunire Terrace (39 Min)

Karuizawa Toy Kingdom (43 Min)
Kid-Oriented Park Featuring A Wide Range Of Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas Rides Crafts & Games.

Ueda Castle (29 Min)
Rebuilt Hilltop Remnants Of A Castle Dating To 1583 With 2 Shinto Shrines & A Local History Museum.

Asama 2000 Park (47 Min)
Skiing Snowboarding And Ski Resort

Kurofuyama (37 Min)
Snow Often Covers The Summit Of This Volcanic Mountain & Popular Hiking Area With Picturesque Views.

Komoro Castle (23 Min)
Ruins Of A Historic Edo-Era Castle Rebuilt Many Times Now With A Zoo Amusement Park & A Museum.

石の教会 内村鑑三記念堂 (42 Min)

Japanese (日本人)

松本空港(信州まつもと空港) 1時間 41分

ハルニレテラス Harunire Terrace (39 分)

海野宿跡 (22 分)

上田城 二の丸跡 (29 分)
1583 年に築城され、その後再建された山城。2 つの神社と地域の歴史を紹介する博物館がある。

鬼押出し園 (44 分)

懐古園 (23 分)

鹿沢温泉 (16 分)

Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Stone Church 石の教会 内村鑑三記念堂 (42 分)
Stone & Glass Church With A Creative Design Featuring Several Arches, Plus An Underground Memorial.

Karuizawa Shiraito Falls (54 分)
Peaceful Natural Area Featuring A Small Arc-Shaped Waterfall Framed By Mountain Slopes.

黒斑山 (37 分)

湯の丸スキー場 (12 分)

アサマ2000パーク (47 分)

湯ノ丸山 (8 分)

湯の丸高原 (12 分)

軽井沢おもちゃ王国 (43 分)

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Nagano Pref.,Tomi City,Mihari 1698


Lat: 36.3980401 Lng: 138.3964743


Takamine Kogen Hotel Map - Nagano Pref - Tomi City

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