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Terume Kanazawa

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Komatsu Airport 41 Min

湯涌温泉観光協会 (38 Min.)

鈴木大拙館 (29 Min.)

にし茶屋街 (27 Min.)

Ishikawa Zoo (17 Min.)
23-Hectare Zoo Showcasing Many Native & Exotic Animal Species With A Restaurant & Gift Shop.

ひがし茶屋街 (35 Min.)

加賀國一之宮 白山比咩神社 (6 Min.)

金沢城 橋爪門 (30 Min.)

長町武家屋敷跡 (31 Min.)

尾山神社 (30 Min.)

石川県立美術館 (30 Min.)

21St Century Museum Of Contemporary Art (29 Min.)
Modern & Large-Scale Displays Of Japanese & International Art In A Circular Glass-Walled Building.

妙立寺 (27 Min.)

近江町市場 (34 Min.)

武家屋敷跡 野村家 (32 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

小松空港 41 分

白山町 (13 分)

Shirayamahime Shrine (6 分.)
Shinto Shrine Set Among Ancient Cedar Trees Featuring A Traditional Sloped Roof In Serene Environs.

Nomura Clan Samurai Home (32 分.)
The Nomura Family's Restored Edo-Era Home Features Samurai Artifacts, A Garden & A Tea Room.

Yuwaku Hot Spring Sight Seeing Information Center (38 分.)
Natural Hot-Springs Resort With Events & Accommodations, Tucked Away In A Forested Mountain Area.

Hashizume-Mon Gate (30 分.)

Omicho Fish Market (34 分.)
Spacious, Indoor Complex With Stalls Selling Fresh Produce, Seafood & Meat, Plus Specialty Dishes.

Nishi Chaya District (27 分.)
Historic District Featuring Craft Shops, Edo-Period Teahouses & A Museum With Tours Of The Area.

八幡町 (2 分)

Nagamachi Samurai District (31 分.)
Village Featuring Cobblestone Streets & Former Samurai Homes, Plus Shops & Restaurants.

一の宮 (7 分)

Oyama Shrine (30 分.)
Historic Shinto Shrine With A Grand Entry Gate Featuring Stained Glass, A Large Garden & A Pond.

Ishikawa Prefectural Museum Of Art (30 分.)
Elegant Museum Showcasing Collections Of Regional Japanese Artwork & Artifacts In A Modern Facility.

金沢21世紀美術館 (29 分.)

D.t. Suzuki Museum (29 分.)
Museum Dedicated To D.t. Suzuki With Educational Programs, A Contemplation Space & Tranquil Gardens.

三宮町 (5 分)

Higashi Chaya District (35 分.)
Traditional Neighborhood With Teahouses Where Geisha Perform, Plus Shops Selling Gold-Leaf Crafts.

Myouryuji (Ninja Temple) (27 分.)
Tours Are Offered Of This Unique Buddhist Temple With Hidden Rooms, Secret Passageways & Traps.

いしかわ動物園 (17 分.)

Phone Number



Title :
民宿 獅子吼荘【公式サイト】
Description :
石川県白山市にある民宿 獅子吼荘。素朴で木の温もり溢れる昔ながらの客室、鯛の頭煮やのどぐろの塩焼きを始めとした当館自慢のお料理で皆様をおもてなし。発根食品の街として知られる白山、当館特製のどぶろく「ちんとろ」もぜひご賞味あれ!合宿でのご利用も大歓迎!皆様のご予約をお得なプランでお待ちしております。
Keywords :
石川県, 白山市, 民宿, 獅子吼荘, 鯛の頭煮, のどぐろの塩焼き, のどぐろ, 発根食品, 白山, どぶろく, ちんとろ, 合宿, 予約, お得, プラン




Ishikawa Pref.,Hakusan City,Hachimancho Ri 149


Lat: 36.43853 Lng: 136.638144


Terume Kanazawa Map - Ishikawa Pref. - Hakusan City



Terume Kanazawa - Ishikawa Pref. - Hakusan City


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