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Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport 45 Min

Wulingyuan Scenic And Historic Interest Area (42 Min)
Scenic Heritage Site Featuring 3,000+ Sandstone Pillars As Well As Gorges, Caves & Waterfalls.

Baofeng Lake (8 Min)
Tranquil Lake Ringed By Mountains, Offering Scenic Views, A Waterfall, Boat Excursions & A Temple.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (27 Min)
Cliff-Hanging Walkway & Glass Skywalk At A Height Of 1,400 M (4,600 Ft) On Side Of Tianmen Mountain.

Baofenghu Scenic Area (7 Min)
Lake And Nature

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge (37 Min)
Spanning A Drop Of Around 300 Meters, This Bridge Features A Glass Floor For Jaw Dropping Views.

Yangjiajie Scenic Area (1 Hr 11)
Mountain Attraction Teeming With Natural Wildlife Plus An Elevator & Observation Overlooks.

Wulingyuan (10 Min)
Atmospheric National Parks Featuring Gorges, 2 Natural Bridges & More Than 3,000 Sandstone Pillars.

Tianzishan Nature Reserve (38 Min)
A Mountain Peak Reached By Cable Car, With Views Of Rock Chimneys & Pillars In A Protected Reserve.

Huanglongdong Scenic Area (14 Min)
Tourist Attraction Offering Guided Tours Of A Cave With Huge Stalagmites & Colorful Lighting.

Wulingyuan Scenic Area (24 Min)
Sprawling Scenic Area Featuring A Unique Landscape Of Sandstone Pillars, Streams, Pools & Falls.

Ten-Mile Natural Gallery (20 Min)
Picturesque Route Known For Its Mountain Scenery, Water Features & Rocks In Unique Formations.

Jinbian Brook (23 Min)
Scenic Area In The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park With Rock Formations & Water Features.

Huangshizhai (33 Min)
Misty Viewpoint Overlooking Distinctive Stone Hills, Reached By Hiking Trails Or A Cable Car.

Bailong Elevator (23 Min)
Cliffside Lift Transporting Visitors 326 M. Up To Vertiginous Views Of The Area's Sandstone Pillars.

He Long Park (14 Min)
Picturesque Area On Tianzi Mountain Featuring A Huge Bronze Statue Of A Mao-Era Marshal.

Chinese (简体中文)

荷花机场 45分钟

金鞭溪 (23分钟)

天子山自然保护区 (38分钟)

十里画廊 (20分钟)

宝峰湖 (8分钟)

张家界国家森林公园 (27分钟)
天门山一侧的悬崖栈道和玻璃天桥,高 1,400 米(4,600 英尺)。

黄龙洞景区 (14分钟)

百龙天梯 (23分钟)

杨家界风景区 (1 小时 11 分钟)

张家界大峡谷玻璃桥 (37分钟)
这座桥距地面大约 300 米,桥面铺设玻璃,在桥上可观赏到令人震撼的景色。

宝峰湖风景区 (7分钟)

武陵源风景名胜区 (24分钟)

武陵源 (10分钟)
神秘的国家公园,有峡谷、2 座天然桥梁和 3000 多个砂岩柱。

贺龙公园 (14分钟)

黄石寨 (33分钟)

武陵源风景名胜区 (42分钟)

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Gaoyun Rd Wulingyuan District Zhangjiajie Hunan


Lat: 29.341224 Lng: 110.537229


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