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Sofia International Airport 1 Hr 15

Овчарченски Водопад (8 Min)

Waterfall Gorica (8 Min)

Verila (1 Hr 13)

Урдини Езера (1 Hr 58)

Tsari Mali Grad (23 Min)
Ancient Hilltop Fortress With Archeological Finds On Display & An Outdoor Play Area For Kids.

Malyovitsa (1 Hr 19)

Трилистника (40 Min)

Рибното Езеро (40 Min)

Бъбрека (38 Min)

Долното Езеро (40 Min)

Водопад Скакавица (30 Min)

Сълзата (1 Hr 57)

Рилски Манастир 'свети Иван Рилски' (1 Hr 12)
Богато Украсен Манастир С Музей И Фрески, Който Е Един От Най-Посещаваните Културни Обекти В Страната.

Окото (1 Hr 58)

Bulgarian (Български)

Летище София 1 Ч 15

Malyovitsa (1 Ч 19)
Scenic 2,729-M. Peak With Year-Round Recreation, Including Hiking, Rock Climbing & Downhill Skiing.

The Kidney (38 Мин)

Цари Мали Град (23 Мин)

Waterfall Gorica (8 Мин)

The Tear (1 Ч 57)
Lake And Mountain

Skakavitsa Waterfall (30 Мин)
Towering Falls Set Amid Rugged Peaks, Reached Via A Valley Hike With A Restaurant In A Mountain Hut.

The Trefoil (40 Мин)

The Eye (1 Ч 58)
One Of 7 Glacial Lakes Studding A Mountain Slope, Named The Eye & Ringed With Hiking Paths.

Urdini Ezera (1 Ч 58)
Lake, River, And Mountain

The Lower Lake (40 Мин)
One Of The Seven Rila Lakes, This Glacial Mountain Pool Is Accessible Via Chairlift & Hiking Trail.

Fish Lake (40 Мин)
Shallow Glacial Lake Named For Its Fish Shape, In A Nature Reserve With Trails & Small Waterfalls.

Ovcharchenski Waterfall (8 Мин)
Waterfall, Monastery, And Lake

Rila Monastery (1 Ч 12)
Ornate Monastery, One Of The Country's Most-Visited Cultural Sites, With A Museum & Frescoes.

Verila (1 Ч 13)

Phone Number






60 Ulitsa Panichishte, 2650 Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria


Lat: 42.2858912 Lng: 23.2623472


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Vilaveli - Kyustendil - Sapareva Banya


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