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Xi'an Xianyang International Airport 41 Min

Xi'an Muslim Dasi Residential Quarter (23 Min)

Great Mosque Of Xi'an (22 Min)
Opulent Mosque Built In 742 & Featuring Colorful Architecture & Placid Gardens.

Banpo (28 Min)
Museum Of Objects From The Banpo Archaeological Dig, Which Uncovered A 6,000-Year-Old Civilization.

Shaanxi History Museum (31 Min)
Large History Museum Displaying Fossils, Murals, Pottery & Metal Objects In A Tang-Style Building.

Fortifications Of Xi'an (13 Min)
Well-Preserved Ancient Fortifications With A Moat, Imposing Gates & A Cycling Path Atop The Walls.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda (28 Min)
Landmark Pagoda Dating To 8Th Century Offering Scenic Views From The Top & An Adjacent Park.

Stele Forest (26 Min)
Museum With Exhibition Halls Displaying An Extensive Collection Of Steles & Stone Sculptures.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (36 Min)
Dating To The 7Th Century, This Towering Buddhist Pagoda Was Built To House Sacred Scriptures.

Tang Paradise (36 Min)
Theme Park With Replicas Of Tang Dynasty Buildings, Cultural Performances & An Evening Light Show.

Xi'an Drum Tower (21 Min)
Erected In 1380 During The Early Ming Dynasty, This Tower Boasts Panoramas Of The City From The Top.

Ancient City Wall (25 Min)
This Long, Historic City Wall With Scenic Views Is A Popular Place For Walking & Bicycling.

Bell Tower Of Xi'an (19 Min)
Iconic Bell Tower Built In 1384 During The Ming Dynasty With Historic Displays & City Vistas.

Huimin Street (20 Min)

Xi'an Museum (28 Min)
Modern Museum Complex Featuring Local Heritage Displays, Gardens With Pools & A Historic Pagoda.

Chinese (简体中文)

西安咸阳国际机场 41分钟

大雁塔 (36分钟)
高耸的佛塔,建于公元 7 世纪,为储藏神圣的经文而建造。

西安博物院 (28分钟)

西安清真大寺住宅小区 (23分钟)

西安鼓楼 (21分钟)
这座塔楼建于明代早期 1380 年,塔顶可俯瞰城市全景。

古城墙 (25分钟)

西安城墙 (13分钟)

西安钟楼 (19分钟)
建于明朝 1384 年的标志性钟楼,内部陈列有历史展品,可欣赏辽阔的城市风景。

回民街 (20分钟)

半坡遗址 (28分钟)

大唐芙蓉园 (36分钟)

西安碑林 (26分钟)

小雁塔 (28分钟)
可追溯至 8 世纪的地标性佛塔,可从塔上欣赏到美丽的景色,佛塔周围还有一个公园。

西安大清真寺 (22分钟)
这座富丽堂皇的清真寺建于 742 年,内部建筑色彩缤纷,还有静谧的花园。

陕西历史博物馆 (31分钟)

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2nd Ring North Rd Weiyang District Xi\'an Shanxi


Lat: 34.31169 Lng: 108.95289


Xian Jinghai Business Hotel Map - Shanxi - Xi An


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