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Beijing Capital International Airport 35 Min

Summer Palace (38 Min)
Lakefront Palace Renowned For Its Ornate Temples & Artworks Plus Its Lavishly Landscaped Grounds.

Tiananmen (18 Min)
Symbolic, Famed Gateway To The Forbidden City Dating To The 15Th Century But Rebuilt Many Times.

Mausoleum Of Mao Zedong (9 Min)
Famed Museum & Mausoleum Devoted To Mao Zedong & Housing Exhibits Plus The Former Leader's Remains.

Tiananmen Square (8 Min)
Historic, Massive City Square (One Of The World's Largest) & Meeting Place, Featuring A 37M Obelisk.

National Museum Of China (11 Min)
Free, Massive (2.2 Million-Sq.-Ft.) Museum Of Chinese History & Art With More Than 1 Million Relics.

Houhai (15 Min)
Picturesque Lake Known For Its Shoreline Of Bustling Bars, Cafes, Souvenir Shops & Restaurants.

Jingshan Park (19 Min)
Historic 57-Acre Park Located On A Hill & Offering Views Of The Forbidden City.

Lama Temple (15 Min)
Ornate Tibetan Buddhist Temple Complex Built In 1694 & Featuring Bronze Statues & Incense Burners.

Beijing Zoo (21 Min)
Venerable Zoo, Founded In 1906, With Traditional Landscaping & Native Animals Such As Pandas.

Beihai Park (7 Min)
First Opened To The Public In 1925, This 69-Hectare Former Imperial Park Features A Massive Lake.

Forbidden City (8 Min)
Completed In 1420, This Palace Complex With 980 Buildings Features A Museum With Art & Artifacts.

Drum Tower And Bell Tower Of Beijing (12 Min)
Red Watchtower Reconstructed In 1420, Offering Views & Performances With Replica Ming Dynasty Drums.

The Palace Museum (13 Min)
Massive Palace Complex & Museum Featuring Tours, Art Exhibits & Restaurants.

Temple Of Heaven (21 Min)
Renowned Temple Complex From 1420 Featuring Distinctive Circular Buildings Set In A Popular Park.

Zhengyangmen (11 Min)
Iconic Gatehouse Originally Built In 1419 As Part Of Beijing's City Wall, Now Offering A Museum.

Chinese (简体中文)

北京首都国际机场 35分钟

北海公园 (7分钟)
占地 69 公顷的昔日皇家公园,于 1925 年首次对公众开放,园内有一座大型湖泊。

正阳门 (11分钟)
始建于 1419 年的标志性门楼,属于北京城墙的一部分,如今设有一座博物馆。

北京鼓楼和钟楼 (12分钟)
建于 1420 年、后经重建的红色瞭望楼,上面摆放着复制的明代大鼓,登楼可欣赏美丽景致、观赏表演。

天安门广场 (8分钟)
历史悠久的大型城市广场(世界上最大的城市广场之一)和会议场所,拥有 37 米高的方尖碑。

雍和宫 (15分钟)
华丽的藏传佛教寺院建筑群,建于 1694 年,内设青铜雕像和香炉。

北京动物园 (21分钟)
著名的动物园,建于 1906 年,里面既有传统景观,也有大熊猫等本土动物。

颐和园 (38分钟)

天安门 (18分钟)
故宫著名的标志性大门,初建于 15 世纪,后经多次重建。

天坛公园 (21分钟)
始建于 1420 年的著名寺庙建筑群,坐落于一个热门的公园内,园内建有独特的圆形建筑。

中国国家博物馆 (11分钟)
免费的大型(占地 220 万平方英尺)博物馆,主打中国历史与艺术,拥有超过 100 万件文物。

故宫博物院 (13分钟)

故宫 (8分钟)
1420 年竣工的宫殿建筑群,共有 980 座建筑,包括一座展出艺术品和文物的博物馆。

景山公园 (19分钟)
这座历史有名的公园位于山丘上,占地 57 英亩,可欣赏紫禁城的美景。

毛主席纪念堂 (9分钟)

后海 (15分钟)

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Beichizitou Aly Dongcheng District Beijing


Lat: 39.9171708 Lng: 116.4038957


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Xihuazhide Hotel - Beijing - Dongcheng District


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