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Xueyehu Holiday Hotel

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Sunan Shuofang International Airport 22 Min

Taihu Yuantouzhu Scenic Area (32 Min)

Liyuan (26 Min)
Picturesque Chinese Landscape Garden On The Shores Of Li Lake, With Pagodas, Statues & Flowers.

Three Kingdoms City (Southeast Gate) (35 Min)
This Complex Used To Film The Eponymous Series Regroups Structures Built In The Han Dynasty Style.

Nanchan Temple (15 Min)
Historic Yellow Temple With A 7-Tiered Pagoda, Golden Buddha Statue & Vivid Night-Time Illumination.

Xihui Park (20 Min)
Tranquil Park With City Views, A Boating Lake & Tea Houses, Plus Cable Cars To Hui Shan Viewpoint.

Jichang Garden (17 Min)
Serene, Reconstructed Classical Chinese Garden With Ming Dynasty-Style Pagodas, Bridges & Pools.

太湖佳绝处 (34 Min)

Wuxi Museum (17 Min)

Lihu Park (22 Min)
Park And Lake

Qingming Bridge (18 Min)

Wuxi Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area (15 Min)

Yuantouzhu (29 Min)
Established In 1916, This Park Situated On A Peninsula In Lake Tai Features Cherry Blossom Trees.

The Plum Garden (27 Min)

Second Spring Under Heaven (18 Min)

Donglin Academy (14 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

苏南硕放国际机场 22分钟

寄畅园 (17分钟)

东林书院 (14分钟)

太湖鼋头渚风景区 (32分钟)

无锡市清名桥古运河景区 (15分钟)

鼋头渚 (29分钟)
这个公园始建于 1916 年,坐落在太湖的一个半岛上,内有樱花树。

三国城 (35分钟)

Second Spring Under Heaven (18分钟)

锡惠公园 (20分钟)

南禅寺 (15分钟)

无锡博物院 (17分钟)

太湖佳绝处 (34分钟)

清名桥古运河街区 (18分钟)

蠡园 (26分钟)

蠡湖公园 (22分钟)

荣氏梅园 (27分钟)

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Exit 1, GuangYi Station Liangxi District Wuxi Jiangsu


Lat: 31.586018 Lng: 120.33679


Xueyehu Holiday Hotel Map - Jiangsu - Wuxi



Xueyehu Holiday Hotel - Jiangsu - Wuxi


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