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Yakushiyu Shinseikan

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Okayama Momotaro Airport 2 Hr 22

Lake Koyama (15 Min)
Lake, Park, And Camping

Shikano Onsen (15 Min)

The Sand Museum (23 Min)

Sanbutsu-Ji Temple (37 Min)
Built Into A Cave's Mouth On The Vertical Face Of Mount Mitoku, This Temple Is A National Icon.

Tottori Sand Dunes (21 Min)
Coastal, 2-Km Stretch Of Sand Dunes Up To 45M High, With Camel Rides & A Sand Sculpture Museum.

Sakyu Kaikan (23 Min)

Mount Mitoku (47 Min)
Climbing Peak With A Staircase & Rough Hiking To Ancient Temples, A 2-Ton Bell & Panoramic Views.

Tottori Sakyu Kodomo-No-Kuni (23 Min)

Hakuto Shrine (10 Min)

Hakuto Coast (11 Min)

Kanikkokan (17 Min)
Displays At This Crab-Focused Aquarium Include The Local Matsuba Snow Crab, Plus Touch Pools.

Jinpukaku (23 Min)

Shikanojoseki Park (15 Min)
Park And Autumn Leaf Color

Tottori Castle Ruins (24 Min)
Hilltop Castle Ruins Dating Back To The 16Th Century, With City Views & Seasonal Cherry Blossoms.

Nageiredou (36 Min)
Cliffside Buddhist Temple With Scenic Views, Reached Via A Challenging Hiking Trail Aided By Chains.

Japanese (日本人)

岡山空港(岡山桃太郎空港) 2時間 22分

鹿野温泉(いなば温泉郷) (15 分)

鳥取砂丘こどもの国 (23 分)

鳥取砂丘 (21 分)
日本海沿い南北約 2 Km に伸びる砂丘。高さは最大約 45 M。らくだライドを体験でき、近くに砂の彫刻美術館がある。

白兎神社 (10 分)

鳥取砂丘会館 (23 分)

三徳山三佛寺 (37 分)

仁風閣 (23 分)

鳥取砂丘 砂の美術館 (23 分)

鳥取城 天球丸跡 (24 分)

三徳山 (47 分)
石段と険しい山道を登った先に歴史ある寺院が建つ。2 トンの鐘があり、美しい眺望を楽しめる。

とっとり賀露かにっこ館 (17 分)

湖山池 (15 分)

鹿野城跡公園 (15 分)

三徳山三佛寺 投入堂 (36 分)

白兎海岸 (11 分)

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Tottori Pref.,Tottori City,Yoshiokaonsencho 753


Lat: 35.4835641 Lng: 134.1285146


Yakushiyu Shinseikan Map - Tottori Pref - Tottori City


Yakushiyu Shinseikan - Tottori Pref - Tottori City

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