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Yangshuo Wangji Hotel

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Guilin Liangjiang International Airport 1 Hr 11

工农桥 (14 Min)
Rafting And River

Yangshuo Park (9 Min)
This Lively Park Offers Jogging Trails, A Playground, Monuments, Gathering Space & Scenic Outlooks.

Yangshuo Tianlai Butterfly Spring (12 Min)

Shiwai Taoyuan (18 Min)
Stunning Park With Traditional-Style Villages Offering Cultural Entertainment & Handicrafts.

Moon Hill (18 Min)
Iconic, Verdant Mountain With A Central Arch Formed By A Limestone Cave, Reached By A Moderate Hike.

Yueliang Mountain (19 Min)

Jinlong Bridge Wharf (16 Min)
Rafting And River

Julong Deep Pool (17 Min)

Yulong Bridge (36 Min)
The Reflection Of This Bridge In The Water Creates A Complete Circle Amid Beautiful Karst Scenery.

Nine Horses Mountain Resort (56 Min)

Darongshu Scenic Area (15 Min)
A Dramatic Landscape Of Limestone Peaks With A Huge, Sacred Banyan Tree Said To Be 1,400 Years Old.

Yulonghe Scenic Area (17 Min)
Waterway Backed By Rice Paddies & Karst Rock Formations, Popular For Cycling & Bamboo Rafting Tours.

Tuteng Gudao (11 Min)

阳朔兴坪 (41 Min)

Yangshuo Tourist Port Impression Liusanjie Ticket Office (18 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

桂林两江国际机场 1 小时 11 分钟

天籁·蝴蝶泉 (12分钟)

图腾古道 (11分钟)

月亮山 (18分钟)

世外桃源 (18分钟)

金龙桥码头 (16分钟)

大榕树景区 (15分钟)

阳朔旅游港印象刘三姐售票处 (18分钟)

聚龙潭 (17分钟)

阳朔兴坪 (41分钟)

遇龙河景区 (17分钟)

九马画山景区 (56分钟)

月亮山 (19分钟)

工农桥 (14分钟)

阳朔公园 (9分钟)

遇龙桥 (36分钟)

Phone Number






72 Bilian Ln Yangshuo County Guilin Guangxi


Lat: 24.7749075 Lng: 110.4868011


Yangshuo Wangji Hotel Map - Guangxi - Guilin


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