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Xujiaping Airport 3 Hr 11

Kuizhou Ancient City (25 Min)

孟良梯、倒吊和尚石 (1 Hr 24)

Baidicheng Scenic Area (31 Min)

诗城博物馆 (27 Min)

Kuimen (31 Min)
Autumn Leaf Color

Tian Kengdifeng Places Of Interest (37 Min)

南天门 (38 Min)

Xiaozhai Tiankeng (10 Min)
Ancient Limestone Sinkhole With Vertical Cliffs, An Underground River & A Waterfall In Rainy Season.

Fengyu Gallery Bridge (30 Min)

Baidicheng (38 Min)
A National Heritage Site, This Ancient Fortress & Temple Complex Is Known For Its Striking Scenery.

Chinese (简体中文)

许家坪机场 3 小时 11 分钟

夔门 (31分钟)

南天门 (38分钟)

白帝城 (38分钟)

风雨廊桥 (30分钟)

天坑地缝 (10分钟)

孟良梯、倒吊和尚石 (1 小时 24 分钟)

白帝城风景旅游区 (31分钟)

诗城博物馆 (27分钟)

天坑地缝风景名胜区 (37分钟)

夔州古城 (25分钟)

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283 Kuizhou Rd Fengjie County Chongqing


Lat: 31.019656 Lng: 109.463102


Yinglong Hostel Map - Chongqing - Fengjie County


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