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Furano prince hotel (ログ由縁) phone number and contact number

Furano Prince Hotel

Furano Prince Hotel

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New Chitose Airport 2 Hr 3

とみたメロンハウス (19 Min.)

日の出公園 (29 Min.)

Furano Ropeway (7 Min.)

ニングルテラス (6 Min.)

ふらのワイン工場 (10 Min.)

風のガーデン (6 Min.)

Tomita Farm (20 Min.)
Flower Farm Featuring Vast Lavender Fields (Seasonal) & A Shop For Lavender Ice Cream Food & Drink.

鳥沼公園 (15 Min)

フラワーランドかみふらの (28 Min)

なかふらの北星山ラベンダー園 (17 Min.)

芦別岳 (27 Min)

富良野スキー場北の峰Zone (10 Min.)

Gakuden Station (10 Min)

Japanese (日本人)

新千歳空港 2時間 3分

富良野ロープウェー 山麓駅 (7 分.)

Wind Garden (6 分.)
Picturesque English Garden With A Rustic Cottage, On The Grounds Of New Furano Prince Hotel.

Furano Lavander Fields (17 分.)

Tomita Melon House (19 分.)
Popular Stop Offering Fresh, Locally Grown Melon Plus Melon Muffins, Buns & Soft-Serve Ice Cream.

Hinode Park (29 分.)
Seasonal Park Featuring Rolling Fields With Lavendar & Colorful Flowers, Plus Camping Grounds.

Flower Land Kamifurano (28 分)
Visitor-Oriented Flower Farm With A Store For Gifts & Fresh Melons, Plus A Restaurant.

Rokugo No Mori (27 分)

Torinuma Park (15 分)
A Clear-Water Lake Surrounded By Japanese Alder Trees, Popular For Boating, Hiking & Birdwatching.

Ningle Terrace (6 分.)
Picturesque Timber Cottages & Workshops In The Woods Showcasing & Selling Traditional Handicrafts.

富良野熱氣球 (7 分.)
Rafting And Outdoor Recreation

Mount Ashibetsu (27 分)
Mountain With A Campsite & A Looped Trail Over Steep Ridges To A Summit With Views Of Nearby Peaks.

Kitanomine Zone (10 分.)
Skiing And Ski Resort

ファーム富田 (20 分.)
広大なラベンダー畑が有名なフラワー ファーム(季節限定)。ラベンダー アイスクリームをはじめ、軽食や飲み物を提供するカフェも併設。

学田駅 (10 分)

Furano Winery (10 分.)
Winemaker Offering Tastings, Glimpses Of The Production Process & Seasonal Lavender Blooms.

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Hokkaido,Furano City,Shimogoryo


Lat: 43.3313706 Lng: 142.361607


Furano Prince Hotel Map - Hokkaido - Furano City

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