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Plovdiv Airport 1 Hr 46

Uhlovitsa (40 Min)
Tours Of A Cave System Known For Limestone Stalactites & Stalagmites, Plus Subterranean Lakes.

The Waterfalls Canyon (12 Min)
Circular Walk On Boardwalks & Steep Steps Through A Narrow, Forested Gorge To Dramatic Cascades.

Snezhanka Peak (23 Min)
Peak For Winter Skiing & Summer Hikes, Crowned By A Tv Tower Offering Views Of Forested Mountains.

Smolyan Lakes (14 Min)
Scenic, Mountainous Area Known For Its Forest-Ringed Lakes, Hiking & Winter Sports.

Rożen (28 Min)
Wildflowers Blooms Seasonally Along This Mountain Pass With Tranquil, Scenic Views.

Regional History Museum Stoyu Shishkov (6 Min)
Museum And History

Pamporovo Ski Resort (39 Min)
Ski Resort And Skiing

Church Of Saint Vissarion Of Smolyan (4 Min)
Church And Architecture

Agushevi Konatsi (45 Min)
Cave And History

Golyam Perelik (40 Min)
2,191-M. Mountain, The Highest In The Rhodopes, Featuring Forested Slopes With Hiking & Skiing.

Soskovcheto (37 Min)
Waterfall, Nature Reserve, Canyon, And Nature

Smolyan Waterfall (13 Min)

Nevystata Eco Trail (10 Min)

Mechi Chal (38 Min)
Soaring Peak With Ski Runs For Varying Abilities, Plus A Chair Lift & Mountain Panoramas.

Bulgarian (Български)

Летище Пловдив 1 Ч 46

Сосковчето (37 Мин)

Голям Перелик (40 Мин)

Каньонът На Водопадите (12 Мин)

Nevystata Eco Trail (10 Мин)

Регионален Исторически Музей (6 Мин)

Рожен (28 Мин)

Пещера 'ухловица' (40 Мин)

Pamporovo Ski Resort (39 Мин)

Смолянски Водопад (13 Мин)

Храм „Свети Висарион Смоленски“ (4 Мин)

Смолянските Езера (14 Мин)

Snezhanka Peak (23 Мин)

Mechi Chal (38 Мин)

Агушеви Конаци (45 Мин)

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37 Ulitsa Parvi May, 4700 Smolyan, Bulgaria


Lat: 41.581856 Lng: 24.68795


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Margaritov Guest House - Smolyan


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