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Kyukamura Fuji

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Minobu Town,minamikoma District Hotels


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport 1 Hr 27

山梨県 富士川クラフトパーク (13 Min.)

Asagiri Kougen (54 Min)
This Grassy Plateau Is Popular As A Mt. Fuji Viewing Site & Take-Off Point For Hang-Gliders.

音止の滝 (1 Hr 2)

まかいの牧場(馬飼野牧場) (1 Hr 3)

Tanuki Lake (1 Hr 8)
Artificial Lake Featuring Campgrounds Biking Roads Boating Fishing & Other Activities.

毛無山 (1 Hr 1)

下部温泉峡 (18 Min.)

身延山 (21 Min.)

陣馬の滝 (1 Hr 3)

七面山 (33 Min)

富士花鳥園 (54 Min)

本栖湖 (44 Min.)
富士山を望む水深約 121 M の湖。キャンプ、ボート遊び、釣りができる。

白糸の滝 (1 Hr 1)

梅ヶ島温泉 (55 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

富士山静岡空港 1時間 27分

Otodome Falls (1時間 2分)
Scenic Waterfall Cascading In Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Known For Its Roaring Sound.

Shimobe Spa (18 分.)
Old-Fashioned Hot Spring Village For Therapeutic Baths In A Mountain Valley With Lodging Options.

橘町(バス) (4 分)

Yamanashiken Fujikawa Craft Park (13 分.)
Family-Friendly Park With Playgrounds, Seasonal Gardens & Traditional Japanese Crafts Workshops.

Fuji Kachoen Garden Park (54 分)
Greenhouse With Lots Of Flower Varieties, Bird Shows & Animal Interactions, Plus A Cafe & Gift Shop.

道の駅 朝霧高原 (54 分)

Jinba Waterfall (1時間 3分)
Tranquil Spot With A Modest Waterfall Known For Its Clear, Shallow Water & Views Of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Shichimen (33 分)
Summit Accessed Via A Long Hiking Trail, With Views Of Mount Fuji, Waterfalls & Temples On The Way.

Lake Motosu (44 分.)
Lake With A Mount Fuji Backdrop & Depths Of Nearly 400 Ft., Popular For Camping, Boating & Fishing.

Makaino Farm (1時間 3分)
Interactive Farm With Livestock, Activities, Play Equipment, Views Of Mount Fuji & A Restaurant.

Mount Kenashi (1時間 1分)
Highest Peak Its Surrounding Mountain Range With A Base Plateau That Reaches To Mount Fuji.

Mt. Minobu (21 分.)
Elevated Temple With Trails & A Cable Car To The Summit & 287 Stone Steps To A 5-Tiered Red Pagoda.

Umegashima Hot Spring (55 分.)
Onsen Resort With Bathhouses Over Natural Springs In A Landscape Known For Plum & Cherry Blossoms.

田貫湖 (1時間 8分)
キャンプ場やサイクリング コースがある人工湖。ボート、釣りなど、さまざまなアクティビティを楽しめる。

Shiraito Falls (1時間 1分)
Unique, Wide Waterfall In The Scenic, Lush Surrounds Of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

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Yamanashi Pref.,Minobu Town,Minamikoma District,Minobu 3696


Lat: 35.377781 Lng: 138.425089


Kyukamura Fuji Map - Yamanashi Pref. - Minobu Townminamikoma District



Kyukamura Fuji - Yamanashi Pref. - Minobu Townminamikoma District


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