Roadside Station Nakayama Bonchi (高山温泉 ふれあいプラザ) Phone Number And Contact Number | Takayama Vil Agatsuma District,Japan -

Roadside station nakayama bonchi (高山温泉 ふれあいプラザ) phone number and contact number

Roadside Station Nakayama Bonchi

Roadside Station Nakayama Bonchi

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Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport 3 Hr 9

Shima Lake (27 Min.)

Ikaho Shrine (31 Min.)
Tranquil 16Th-Century Shrine Reached By Climbing 365 Steps & Said To Improve Your Fortunes.

Nagurumi Castle Ruins (13 Min.)
Castle History And Historic Site

源泉湯の宿 松乃井 (30 Min.)
洗練された温泉宿。複数のレストラン、10 か所の温泉風呂、コーヒー ショップ、庭園を備える。

Goryoguchi (8 Min)

Numata Castle Ruins (20 Min.)
Park Castle Archaeological Excavation And Historic Site

Sekizenkan (35 Min.)
Unfussy Quarters In A Genteel Hot Spring Hotel Offering River Views Plus Indoor & Outdoor Baths.

Mount Haruna (43 Min.)
Featured In The Manga Initial D This Dormant Volcano Features A Shrine & A Ropeway To The Peak.

Nakayama Shinden (13 Min)

ノルン水上スキー場 (29 Min)

Takayama Shogakko Mae (11 Min)

猿ヶ京温泉観光情報協会 (27 Min.)

Lake Haruna (48 Min.)
Scenic Caldera Lake On Mount Haruna Featuring Winter Skating & Ice Fishing Plus Nearby Campsites.

Shibukawa Skyland Park (23 Min.)
Low-Key Amusement Park With A Ferris Wheel & Rides For Young Children Plus Go-Karts & Fireworks.

たくみの里 (23 Min.)

Kajika Bridge (31 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

松本空港(信州まつもと空港) 3時間 9分

積善館 (35 分.)

渋川スカイランドパーク (23 分.)

Sarugakyo Onsen Sightseeing Information Association (27 分.)
Lakeside Resort Fringed By Peaks With Hot-Spring Hotels & Eateries Serving Japanese Delicacies.

Lake Haruna (48 分.)

Mount Haruna (43 分.)
漫画「頭文字 D」に登場した休火山。神社があり、頂上までロープウェイで登れる。

伊香保神社 (31 分.)

五領口 (8 分)

沼田城跡 (20 分.)

Hot Spring Resort Matsunoi (30 分.)
Refined Hotel With Multiple Dining Options & 10 Hot-Spring Baths, Plus A Coffee Shop & A Garden.

Shima Lake (27 分.)
Canoeing & Sup From April To November On A Forest-Fringed, Artificial Lake Known For Its Blue Water.

Norn Minakami (29 分)

Roadside Station Takuminosato (23 分.)
Resort Village With Handicraft & Cooking Workshops, Plus Seasonal Fruit Picking & Dining.

名胡桃城跡 (13 分.)

河鹿橋 (31 分.)

高山小学校前 (11 分)

中山新田 (13 分)

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Gunma Pref.,Takayama Vil.,Agatsuma District,Nakayama 2357-1


Lat: 36.6226213 Lng: 138.9544958


Roadside Station Nakayama Bonchi Map - Gunma Pref - Takayama Vil Agatsuma District

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