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Shima Yamaguchikan

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The Understated Rooms Feature Tea And Coffeemaking Equipment, Minifridges And Flat Screen Tvs. In A Valley Beside A River, This Hot Spring Hotel With Subtle Pagoda Details Is 3 Km From Mayanotaki Waterfall. Check In Time: 2:30 Pmcheck Out Time: 11:00 Am. Some Rooms Have Tatami Floors, Sliding Doors And Futons. Room Service Is Available. A Hot Spring Bathhouse Features Indoor And Outdoor Baths With Separate Times For Men And Women; Private Open Air Soaking Tubs Are Available. There Are 2 Restaurants, A Tearoom, An Ice Cream Parlor, And A Bar With Karaoke. Upgraded Rooms Add Sitting Areas With Chabudai Dining Tables, And Open Air Soaking Tubs
Japanese (日本人)
谷あいの川のほとりに建つ仏塔風の建物の温泉ホテル。摩耶の滝から 3 Km。お茶セット、ミニ冷蔵庫、薄型テレビ完備の落ち着いた客室。障子と布団を備えた和室もある。グレードの高い客室には座卓を備えたリビングエリアがあり、専用の露天風呂を完備する。ルームサービスを利用可能。食事処 2 軒、喫茶室、ソフトクリームが名物の茶房、カラオケバーがある。時間帯による男女入れ替え制の内湯と露天風呂付き温泉大浴場あり。チェックイン時刻: 14:30チェックアウト時刻: 11:00 .

Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport 3 Hr 9

湯樋 (1 Hr.)

尻焼温泉 (56 Min.)

源泉湯の宿 松乃井 (1 Hr 5.)
洗練された温泉宿。複数のレストラン、10 か所の温泉風呂、コーヒー ショップ、庭園を備える。

西の河原公園 (1 Hr.)

Shimagawa Dam (17 Min.)

猿ヶ京温泉観光情報協会 (45 Min.)

Onsenguchi Nakanojomachi Shima (7 Min)

Gongenzawa (4 Min)

Tsukimibashi (5 Min)

Forty Thousand Of Potholes Group (4 Min.)
Nature And Lake

Seiryu No Yu Iriguchi (8 Min)

苗場スキー場 (1 Hr 11)
賑わいを見せる冬のスポーツ リゾート。スキーやスノーボードのためにさまざまなエリアが用意されている。宿泊、食事の施設も充実。

吾妻渓谷 (38 Min.)

Sawatari Onsen (17 Min.)

たくみの里 (38 Min.)

Nozori Lake (1 Hr 15.)

Shima Lake (11 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

松本空港(信州まつもと空港) 3時間 9分

Naeba Ski Resort (1時間 11分)
Busy Winter Sports Resort Offering Diverse Terrain For Skiing & Snowboarding, Plus Lodging & Dining.

三国峠 (1時間 2分)
Mountaineering, Autumn Leaf Color, Nature, Winter Sports, And Mountain

Shimagawa Dam (17 分.)
Scenic Mountain Views Are Offered From This Big Dam With A Turquoise Artificial Lake Amid A Valley.

沢渡温泉 共同浴場 (17 分.)

四万の甌穴群 (4 分.)

Shima Lake (11 分.)
Canoeing & Sup From April To November On A Forest-Fringed, Artificial Lake Known For Its Blue Water.

Yubatake (1 時間.)
Hot Spring And Autumn Leaf Color

Shiriyaki Onsen (56 分.)
Public Hot Springs In A Calm, Wooded Area With Pools Of Different Temperatures & River Swimming.

温泉口[中之条町四万] (7 分)

Hot Spring Resort Matsunoi (1時間 5分.)
Refined Hotel With Multiple Dining Options & 10 Hot-Spring Baths, Plus A Coffee Shop & A Garden.

Sainokawara Park (1 時間.)

Agatsuma Gorge (38 分.)
Picturesque Gorge Offering Sightseeing Trails, Waterfalls, Cliffs & Seasonal Rhododendron Blooms.

Nozori Lake (1時間 15分.)
Tree-Covered Hillsides & Blooming Wildflowers Backdrop This Scenic, Serene Lake With Hiking Trails.

Roadside Station Takuminosato (38 分.)
Resort Village With Handicraft & Cooking Workshops, Plus Seasonal Fruit Picking & Dining.

権現沢 (4 分)

Sarugakyo Onsen Sightseeing Information Association (45 分.)
Lakeside Resort Fringed By Peaks With Hot-Spring Hotels & Eateries Serving Japanese Delicacies.

清流の湯入口 (8 分)

月見橋(バス) (5 分)

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群馬県 四万温泉 四万やまぐち館【オフィシャルサイト】
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Gunma Pref.,Nakanojo Town,Agatsuma District,Shima 甲3876-1


Lat: 36.6802394 Lng: 138.7820489


Shima Yamaguchikan Map - Gunma Pref - Nakanojo Townagatsuma District



Shima Yamaguchikan - Gunma Pref - Nakanojo Townagatsuma District


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